Custom PowerPoint templates, branded with LHUSD school colors and logo, are now available. District Administration is requesting that any public presentations use this new design.

Meeting Template

The Meeting Template has several slides already created, so you simply need to add content. This template follows standard professional meeting format and should be used by anyone conducting a meeting.

Presentation Template

The Presentation Template offers a standard layout that will appear on any slide format you select when creating your presentation.  This template should be used for any public presentation where you are representing LHUSD and/or your school.  Classroom presentations/internal presentations can still use any layout/theme the user chooses.


Open the district templates in PowerPoint on your computer

Open Powerpoint.

Click PERSONAL just above the template thumbnails.

The template will open on your screen.  Create your presentation and SAVE.


For future use, the template will be listed as a FEATURED template on your screen whenever you open Powerpoint, directly after the BLANK template. 

Only the most recently used PERSONAL template is displayed in the FEATURED category, so this thumbnail will change as you open/use the different LHUSD templates.