** New Feature

On the district and school websites, administrators, office staff, and teaching staff have email links attached to their names to allow for online parent communication.

When a parent clicks on a name, a web-based “email form” will open for them to complete and send. Moving to this form-based email design will protect the district from malicious software that can harvest email addresses from the website and use them to send spam emails from an address.

The email form will request the sender’s name and email address, subject, and message. They will have to click the I’M NOT A ROBOT checkbox before being able to send the message.

When you receive the email, it will be from “donotreply@schoolinsites.com” (they are our web hosting company) and have a canned subject line starting with “Contact Form WEBSITE email form” followed by the subject the sender typed into the form.

Since the email is coming from outside the district, the yellow CAUTION section will be included in the email.

If you want to reply to the parent, you can simply click on the email address following their name in the body of the message.