Android phones seem to all be slightly different in their setup process.  

If you are having trouble using these instructions, submit a helpdesk ticket.


*If you are in-district, you may need to disconnect from the district WiFi before setting up the email account on your phone.



  • Open your mail app


  • Go to the mail SETTINGS and ADD ACCOUNT


    (do not use Outlook as the account type)




  • Email:  full email address  (ex:
  • Password: current district password
  • Domain: lhusd
  • Username: firstinitiallastname (ex: jsmith  -  not your full email address)
    • You may need to combine the domain and username on certain phones (lhusd\jsmith  -  make sure to use the backslash)
  • Server:
  • Port: leave as is
  • Use SSL: leave as is
  • Use Certificates: make sure this is unchecked

  • Activate: you may be asked to activate access on your phone for the district exchange server.

  • Once the account is set up, check additional settings for how often the email/calendar are synced between the server and phone.  Once again, this is different on each phone, so the steps below may not match exactly.
    • Go to the settings in the mail app and locate the new LHUSD account you created. Click on the account name to see additional features.